MASSIVE (acronym for Multimodal Acknowledgeable multiSenSory Immersive Virtual Environments) is a laboratory devoted to the multidisciplinary study of the relationship between virtual reality technologies and the different dimensions of human performance. Our mission is to make use of virtual reality technology to enhance human abilities in order to address global challenges and improve quality of life. We will achieve this goal by contributing to scientific advances in the field and having an active participation in the community, always with an ambition to innovate based on the ethical principles that guide research and life in general.


Our vision is to:

    • Become a world-wide laboratory within the field of multisensory virtual reality, perceptual equivalence, human performance, and technology that creates innovative solutions in a wide set of areas of application such as training and certification, health, education, or entertainment;
    • Create multisensory virtual environments for training and simulation that deliver perceptual equivalent stimuli and thus enable the certification of trainees using only VR technologies;
    • Empower people by making use of VR technologies to address global challenges that contribute to the well-being of citizens.



Team Spirit

    • Success is always achieved based on cooperation. Individualistic projects are not welcome in our lab.

Enthusiasm and Initiative

    • Are the key ingredients to teamwork and creativity. In order to achieve success members must enjoy sharing ideas.

Proficiency and Accuracy

    • Self-motivated members that are willing to learn become proficient in planning research and executing detailed protocols, and consequently write quality papers for dissemination in the scientific community.

Innovation and Ambition

    • Errors are inherent to the research practice. However, the permanent search for improvement and sharing of ideas and concepts pave the way for excellence.